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from 1981 UZH-Licence

CINAHL® is the world's most comprehensive database of journals in the health and nursing field and contains articles from more than 3,000 journals. In addition, monographs, AV materials, dissertations and selected congress reports are also listed.

CINAHL® with full-text also provides access to the full text of approximately 600 evaluated journals. CINAHL also offers advanced search options.


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from 1946 freely accessible

PubMed is the largest, freely accessible bibliographic database in medicine and provides access to the sub-databases Medline and Premedline.

For systematic searches in Medline/Premedline, we recommend access via Ovid or EBSCOhost, as these offer more advanced search options. 
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Cochrane Library

CH-wide available via national licence

The Cochrane Library includes among others

  • the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, a leading source for evidence-based medicine
  • the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials: the world's largest collection of clinical trials


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from 1945 (Tests) / 1977 UZH-Licence

Psyndex is the most comprehensive database of psychological literature (from 1977), audiovisual media, intervention programmes and tests (from 1945) in the German-speaking countries.

All data sets have English title translations, descriptors, classification categories and key concepts (applies only to literature and audiovisual media), therefore the database can be searched in German and English.


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Subject areas Psychology, medicine, education, sociology, sports, linguistics, economic management and criminology in the context of psychology.