Group Rooms


From 1.11.2021 until further notice:

UZH libraries accessible with certificate and mask.
Masks are only allowed to be taken off at the study spaces.
(Loan and return exempt from certificate requirement).

In the Main Library – Study Center there are 7 group rooms available for group work, exam simulations, discussions, professional meetings, etc.

Currently no group rooms can be reserved.
Group Room Seats Equipment Photo
15 Röntgen
Y63 E 38 
4 Whiteboard / Flipchart   (JPG, 483 KB)
16 Turing
Y63 E 37
6 Whiteboard / Flipchart   (JPG, 392 KB)
17 Einstein
Y63 E 36
6 Whiteboard / Flipchart   (JPG, 412 KB)
18 Newton
Y63 E 35
6 Whiteboard / Flipchart   (JPG, 582 KB)
19 Noether
Y63 E 30
6 Blackboard   (JPG, 448 KB)
20 Curie
Y63 G 30
6 Whiteboard / Flipchart / Teammonitor   (JPG, 869 KB)
21 Koch
Y63 J 30
6 Whiteboard / Flipchart / Teammonitor   (JPG, 390 KB)

Library users are obliged to take note of the protection concepts of the UZH and the UZH libraries and to comply with the protection measures and rules of conduct on their own responsibility.

The UZH declines liability for health risks and cases of illness.