Usage Rules

(Based on § 13 Section 5 of the Regulations governing the Use of the Main Library of the University of Zurich)

  1. The group rooms can be used for group work, exam simulations, student organization meetings or other university purposes.
  2. The group rooms can only be used by members of the UZH. Only one group room per day and person can be reserved for a maximum of 4 hours and at the earliest 30 days in advance. Only one reservation period can be accepted per request.
    A reserved group room must be occupied by at least four people at the same time.

  3. The room reservation is only valid upon receipt of the confirmation e-mail. Reservation requests will be processed Monday to Friday from 8am - 6pm. It is recommended to reserve at least one day in advance.

  4. If, after the reservation of a group room, it turns out that it will not be used in accordance with point 2 during the reserved period, the reservation must be cancelled at the latest one hour before the booked time by telephone or e-mail to HBZ. If the cancellation does not take place or does not take place on time, this constitutes a violation of the usage rules.

    If a group room is not reserved, the reservation of a group room has been cancelled, or 30 minutes have already passed without a reserved group room being used, the group room can be used freely.

  5. In the event of repeated violations of the usage rules, the person concerned will be warned. If a person violates the usage rules again after the warning, the use of group rooms is prohibited for a period of six months (blocking period) and all existing reservations of group rooms are cancelled.

    A violation of the usage rules shall be deemed to have occurred if reserved group rooms are used by less than four persons or if reserved group rooms are not actually used during the relevant period and the reservation has not been cancelled in advance.

  6. The consumption of food and open drinks is not permitted in the group rooms. Drinking is only permitted from resealable drinking bottles.

  7. Cleanliness must be ensured when leaving the room.

  8. For safety reasons it is recommended not to leave valuables unattended in the group room. The Main Library is not liable for items brought into its premises.

  9. The Main Library Rules & Regulations are binding.