Usage Rules

  1. The group study area are available for collaborative group works, exam simulations, discussions, student organization meetings etc.

  1. Reservable only by UZH members:
    - at least 4 people
    - max. 4 hours
    - max. 30 days in advance
    - only 1 group study area per person per day
    - per request, only one reservation period is accepted

  1. The room reservation only becomes valid once a confirmation email has been received. Requests will be answered Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. It is recommended to book at least 1 day in advance.

  1. If the group study areas have not been reserved or if the reservation has expired, then they are free to be used. Reservations take priority over free usage. A reservation will expire if the room is not claimed within 30 minutes after start of reservation time.
  1. Rooms must be left in good order.
  1. For security reasons, it is recommended not to leave any valuables unattended in the rooms. The Main Library does not accept liability for items that are brought into the library.
  1. The Main Library Rules & Regulations are binding.