Information on Use of E-Media

Green = OK


You are in the IP address range 130.60.0-133.*, 130.60.135-255.* , 89.206.64-127.* (UZH) or 144.200.17.* (USZ) or the 10.12.*.* internal private UZH IP range. You can access all licensed e-media.

Yellow - Partly access


You are in the IP address range, (Balgrist University Hospital) or (PUK). You can access a selection of licensed e-media.
Red = not OK


You are outside the specified ranges. You cannot access licensed e-media.

External Access to E-Media

Install Lean Library! - easy access for members of UZH and USZ

Installation Howto

Available technical solutions

Owner of Access via Technical requirement
UZH short name VPN Configuration of the remote access VPN connection

UZH short name

USZ login

Balgrist mail
(only teaching/research)

EZproxy None

Private users

Do you not have either of the identities specified above? Come to one of our sites. There you'll find PC workstations where private individuals can also access most of our licensed e-media.

More Tips

Cookies and JavaScript have to be activated for most platforms.

But for e-books there may be additional restrictions on use depending on the platform.

Rights of Use

When using e-media, please bear the following rules in mind:

  • E-resources are intended only for personal use within the framework of teaching and research. Commercial use of any kind is prohibited.
  • Full texts must not be forwarded to third parties in either electronic or print form, or made available to third parties on the network.
  • The systematic downloading of full texts and search results, including downloading for purposes of text and data mining, is prohibited.
  • Passwords and other access data are confidential and must not be disclosed to third parties.
  • Copyright for electronic full texts is held by the publisher and/or the author or authors of the article.
  • Please also note the compliance rules posted by publishers on their websites (for example under their terms and conditions).