Manuals for Editors

Editors: Publication type

The accepted publication types in ZORA are specified by the university management. If a publication does not fit into any of the specified types, e.g. Master's theses or published abstracts, the entries are returned to the submitters with the corresponding information.

Editors: Details

The bibliographic information is checked against the original publication or other databases, e.g. PubMed, library catalogues, Amazon, etc.. Other sources are available for checking ZORA-specific fields. In ZORA, the question mark is followed by a help text for each area of entry.

Editors: Upload

Under "Upload" you can upload full texts as PDF and additional content, e.g. graphics. Under "Content" you can define what it is: Accepted Version or Published Version. If in doubt, leave the specification as UNSPECIFIED.


The submitters based on the information provided by the authors  provide information on the copyright situation. The visibility of the full text is adjusted accordingly on the basis of this information and its verification.

Editors: Deposit in repository


Through "Move to Repository", the corrected and checked publication is moved to the archive. The new status is "Live Archive".

Editors: Return entries

As an editor, you can send publications from the "Review Area" back to the submitter.

Editors: Delete entries

As a general rule, all publications that have been in the "Live Archive" must not be deleted from ZORA.

Editors: Forum

For all ZORA editors we have the Editors Forum. The forum is for asking questions, discussing and commenting. The ZORA editorial staff also uses the forum to inform you about important ZORA innovations. It is therefore advisable to activate the "Follow the Community" function.

If Submitters are also interested in this forum, they are also welcome to submit requests for inclusion in the forum.

Log in with your email address and your password (visible in ITIM) and send a request directly via the link to us. As soon as we have received your request, we will activate your account as soon as possible.