Before Entering Publications

Bibliographical data

The bibliographical information is required for each publication.
This information varies depending on the type of publication. To facilitate this, bibliographic data can often be imported from other databases (e.g. PubMed, Web of Science, Scopus, etc.). More detailed information can be found in workflow.

Full text versions (Pre-Print, Post-Print, Publishing-PDF)

All UZH researchers are obliged to deposit a freely accessible full text of their work in ZORA, provided that this is legally permitted.

Pre-Print First version as submitted to the publisher for publication; this version should NOT be deposited in ZORA.


(accepted manuscript)

Last designed version that contains all corrections of the review process. This version was accepted by the publisher for publication, but has no publisher layout yet.
Publisher PDF

Version edited and designed by the publisher with publisher logos and page numbers.

Authors usually sign a publishing contract that regulates the continued use of their work.
This information must be deposited in the ZORA "Copyright" section.

Specific information for the Academic Report

For each publication (depending on the type of publication) it must be indicated whether the publication is an original work (complete presentation of a new scientific finding) or a further contribution (Review, Editorial, Letter to the Editor, etc.).
In the case of journals or book series, it must also be stated whether the publication has undergone a review process.
Unclear cases are collected in the ZORA editorial office and submitted to the faculties for a decision.

Retrospective change requests in the ZORA live archive

Editing before acceptance
by the ZORA editorial team
Editing after acceptance
by the ZORA editorial team

The publications have the status "under review".

The publications are available in the Live Archive

Click on the view symbol to the right of the entry.

No more changes can be made by submitters

Click "Editorial Actions"

Choose "Return to Work Area"

"Manage Deposits"

Click on "Suggest update or correction for this item"

After the change, the entry must be deposited again.


ZORA Profile Settings

Certain standard settings can be set in the ZORA profile, which are then automatically adopted in all new entries. The organizational unit to which a submitter belongs is particularly suitable for this purpose. This can be defined as the default value under Profile > Edit > Default values for new eprints > Organisational unit.