ZORA is linked to the Journal database. This database contains information on journals and series, ISSN and publisher, as well as information on the respective copyright and refereed situation.

Below you will find important information on each input step in ZORA.

Submitter Workflow
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Communities & Collections

Under "Communities & Collections" you should include all organizational units (institute, clinic, center, division) that are involved in a publication.
The publication will then appear in all academic reports of the organizational units specified.


Under "Type" you can select the corresponding publication type for your publication. Please note that conference papers can only be included if they have been published. FAQs Publication Types


Under "Details" the bibliographical information on publications as well as the ZORA-specific information (original work, referenced) can be entered. Imported publications already have many fields filled in. Please enter at least one URL for the publication.


Here you can set the visibility settings, embargo periods and Creative Commons licenses per uploaded PDF.

Specify here whether the full-text version uploaded under "Details" may be shown freely or not. This information varies from publication to publication and depends on the publishing agreements that authors usually sign with publishers.
Please also indicate if no contract has been concluded. In this case, the publishing law of the Swiss Code of Obligations applies.

Further information on publishing without a publishing contract


Once you have entered all the information on a publication, you can move the publication to the review area with "Deposit Item Now". The ZORA editorial team will pick it up there.