Finding Data in Repositories

Benefit from Open Data and use data from others for your own purposes of course in compliance with the defined license.

Finding Data

In subject-specific repositories, you can find data on a particular topic that is of interest to you. A starting point for searching for relevant repositories is re3data.

Once you have found an interesting repository, you can search for a data record within it in more detail.

Re-Using Data

If you would like to re-use a data record, it is possible that you may not be able to use the data for your own purposes just like that. Please pay attention to the license.

Citing Data

There are currently no binding specifications for citing data sets. Sometimes the repository specifies how to cite. Otherwise we recommend the citation instructions of DataCite (page 9):

Author (publication date): Title. Publishing agent. Type of resource. Identifier.

Max Muster (01.01.2019): Opinion poll on xy. MegaRepository. Data Set.