Recommended Repositories

Which repository is suitable for your purposes depends on many criteria.

General Purpose Data Repositories

Discipline-Specific Data Repositories

Several options are available for finding a suitable subject-specific repository:

  • Within your research community, find out which repositories are used for records similar to yours.
  • Search for records in similar research areas. Is there a repository that is already well established, i.e. used frequently?
  • Use re3data and use the following filters to get the most relevant and FAIR-compatible results:

«AID» (author identifier) – Choose repositories which allow for the unique identification of authors (e.g. ORCiD).

«Data Licenses» – Choose Repositories which describe the subsequent use of data via licenses (for example, CC).

«Data Access» – Choose Repositories that make data freely accessible (open).

«Metadata Standards» – Choose repositories that use the metadata standards established in your discipline.

«PID» (persistent identifier) – Choose repositories that assign a PID (for example, DOI).

Repositories we have seen being used by UZH researchers (PDF, 376 KB)