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Step-by-Step Instruction

How do I link my ORCID iD with publications in ZORA?

1. Log In


Log in to ZORA with your UZH shortname and your Webpass password. There you can start linking your ORCID iD in ZORA in the tab "ORCID".

2. Insert ORCID iD


Copy your ORCID iD into the free field and link it to ZORA.

3. Alternatively: Register a new ORCID iD

ORCID iD erstellen und verknüpfen
ORCID iD erstellen und verknüpfen

By clicking on "Create and link your ORCID iD" you will be redirected to the ORCID website.

There you can register your own ORCID iD. After the registration process you will return to ZORA and your ORCID iD is linked to your ZORA account.

4. Select Publications

Link your publications in ZORA with the ORCID iD by clicking on the menu item "Mark publications".
Select "Mark" to find and mark your publications in ZORA.

5. Importing Publications into ZORA

Go to "Manage Deposits" and select "Orcid Import" as import source.
By clicking on "Search", publications to be imported from your ORCID record will be suggested.
Mark all publications you want to import into ZORA and click on "Import selected records".

6. Delegate Tasks

Delegate a person who can import and mark publications for you. Requirements:

  •     This person should be a ZORA Submitter (e.g. in your secretariat or library).
  •     You should know the UZH shortname of the delegated person.
  •     The delegated person does not need to have an ORCID iD himself.

Click on "Profile" in the horizontal bar and then on the "Edit" button in the "Profile" section with the same name. Enter the UZH short name of the delegated person in the "Delegated User" field and click the "Save and continue working later" button.

screenshot delegate user