Gold & Green Road

Open Access makes scientific information freely available on the internet in refereed publications that are stored reliably and permanently. Publishing in line with the rules of Open Access guarantees the rights to their intellectual property to authors, shortens the path to publication, and reduces production and distribution costs. Greater visibility results in free access worldwide and thus to increased citation frequency. Open Access also helps maximize the propagation of scientific information.

Open Access does not mean self-publishing or circumventing the peer review process and publication. It is an alternative to traditional publishing on a licensed (closed-access) basis.

Gold Road

Gold Road means that the original publication is published Open Access – in an Open Access journal, or as an individual Open Access article in a closed-access journal. These publications are freely accessible directly via the publisher's platform.

Some publishers charge authors a fee for the work involved in publishing their article. We provide you with financial support via various memberships and a publication fund.

Green Road

Green Road refers to the practice of republishing a publication in an Open Access institutional or disciplinary repository after it first appeared in a traditional closed-access journal. At UZH, the Zurich Open Repository and Archive (ZORA) is available for republishing.

Hybrid Open Access

Many traditional publishers now offer the option of publishing individual Open Access articles in a closed-access journal. While the journal as a whole is still closed-access, at the article level, individual articles are published online under a free license. Publishers often charge very high Open Access fees for such articles.
This model is controversial, as in most cases it means a university and its libraries pay twice: in the form of license fees for access, and also for individual Open Access articles.