OA Books


BookBoon is a service for students. The books are all Open Access, and are financed through little advertising in the books. In order to download the full text, the page requires information about your studies as well as an email address for the newsletter.

Carl Grossmann Verlag

Carl Grossmann Verlag enables the publication of Open Access books in digital and printed form and offers a transparent price and performance model.

e-rara und e-codices

The joint project e-rara of Swiss libraries aims to offer all Swiss prints of the 16th century online. Over 4,000 old books, maps and prints are already accessible.
Another joint project is e-codices, which aims to make all medieval manuscripts and a selection of early modern Swiss manuscripts accessible through a virtual library.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a non-profit project that digitally preserves various digital data. This data includes websites (Wayback Machine), audio files, films, software and books. The library also provides access to O'Reilly Open Books. Project Gutenberg (see below) is a subproject of the Internet Archive.

Knowledge Unlatched

Knowledge Unlatched is a Open Access book project with the goal to provide access to printed books through a worldwide collaboration of libraries. The project is supported by more than 250 libraries.

National Academies Press

National Academies Press is an American publisher which publishes around 200 books per year and makes a large proportion of them freely accessible on its website.


OAPEN is an initiative for the Open Access publication of monographs in the social sciences and humanities with the aim of facilitating access to and dissemination of these books. Various university publishers have joined the initiative and offer their publications, all of which have been peer reviewed, freely via the OAPEN library.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is an electronic library that offers free full texts of physically existing books retro-digitized. Most publications are considered public domain, i.e. they are not (any longer) under a copyright or are freely accessible with the consent of the author. The library contains many fictional works.

University of California Press E-Books Collection

The University of California provides more than 700 of its publications electronically and freely (UCP E-Books Collection).