In Switzerland

National Open Access Strategy

The issue of open access has gained substantial momentum all over Switzerland since the end of 2015. In a letter, the State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation asked the Rectors’ Conference of the Swiss Universities (swissuniversities) to take the lead in formulating a national open access strategy, also involving the Swiss National Science Foundation. Swissuniversities approved the strategy at the end of January 2017, and developed an action plan for implementing measures in the various areas. You will find an overview and further information (in German and French) on the swissuniversities website.

Swiss National Science Foundation

The largest public source of funding for academic research in Switzerland requires that those receiving grants publish their research in open access.  This has applied since 2007 to traditional publications (more information: publication grants) and since 2017 to research data as well.

Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAHS)

Of all the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences, the SAHS is particularly active when it comes to open access. In 2008 it published a position paper, and in 2016 passed a strategy to make open access a reality at its subsidiaries' scholarly publications. Further information:

Conference of Swiss University Libraries (KUB)

Die Sicherstellung einer effizienten und nachhaltigen Informationsversorgung für Forschung und Lehre ist eine Kernaufgabe von Hochschulbibliotheken. In diesem Sinne befürwortet und unterstützt die Konferenz der Universitätsbibliotheken der Schweiz die nationalen und internationalen Bestrebungen zur Etablierung eines offenen Zugangs zu Forschungsergebnissen.

KUB-Statement zu Open Access

KUB-Statement zu Open Access – Details und Konkretisierung


The OpenAIRE project from the EU's FP7, Horizon2020, and FP9 programs helps recipients of grants comply with the open access, open data, and research data management guidelines. The Main Library at the University of Zurich is involved in the project. There is an overview page providing information and a contact point (National Open Access Desk) for Switzerland.

Further information: OpenAIRE2020 Information Platform

The platform provides comprehensive information on matters related to open access, plus practical help with implementation. It is geared to all the relevant players in the scientific and scholarly field. Among other things the platform offers, via IP range recognition, certain Switzerland-specific content that can be accessed via the direct link