UZH Policy

Open Access as a Strategic Goal of the University of Zurich

  1. The UZH obliges its researchers to deposit a complete version of all published scientific works in the Zurich Open Repository and Archive (ZORA), if there are no legal objections.
  2. The UZH encourages its researchers to publish their scientific works in an appropriate Open Access Journal and provides the necessary support.
  3. The Annual Reports of the UZH are based on ZORA. In the Annual Reports publications are only considered if they have previously been deposited in ZORA.

Practical Implementation

The UZH researchers can present their scientific works in the ZORA Repository- The following should be noted::

  • The free choice of publication is not affected.
  • Researchers reserve their right (from the publisher) to deposit a complete version of their work in ZORA with Open Access, if applicable after an embargo period.
    In case this is not possible, the publication is deposited in ZORA with bibliographic details only, if applicable with protected full text.
  • The bibliographic details of publications are transferred from ZORA to the Annual Reports independently of the full texts.

Committee for Open Access

The strategic questions on Open Access at the UZH are dealt with in the Library Commission. The main tasks of the Library Commission are:

  • Promoting Open Access and the ZORA Repository
  • Defining topics related to the library strategy
  • Adopting the E-Library Strategy of the UZH