The Open Researcher and Contributor iD (ORCID) is a standardized, internationally recognized and persistent identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher and supports automated linkages between you and your professional activities.


  • enables publications to be uniquely assigned to your authorship and increases the recognition and appreciation of your publications
  • is location-independent and reflects changing institutional affiliations
  • can be obtained free of charge from https://orcid.org/
  • is supported by many publishers, universities and research sponsors and is increasingly requested when submitting manuscripts and research proposals
  • allows imports from different databases and sources to create the complete list of your publications
  • can combine author identifiers of other systems: Scopus Author Id, ResearcherID (Web of Science), ISNI and others

ORCID and Zurich Open Repository and Archive (ZORA)

ZORA integrates ORCID

You can

  • Store your ORCID iD if you already have an iD
  • Register an ORCID iD via ZORA
  • Tag your publications with your ORCID iD
  • Export publications in ZORA to your ORCID record
  • Import publications from your ORCID record into ZORA
  • with the ORCID iD you can easily create publication lists for integration into UZH-websites

The registration and use of ORCID iD in ZORA is voluntary and non-binding.

Please note that you must create an ORCID account in order to obtain an ORCID iD. With the registration you have to comply with the data protection regulations and the terms of use of ORCID. The UZH is not responsible for the use of the data stored in the ORCID record. Data processing and storage is carried out in the USA, among other countries.