In addition to being able to enter publications in ZORA, editors can process them and move them to the ZORA archive themselves. They do the editorial checks themselves. This way older publications can also be entered quickly and independently of the central ZORA editorial team. Editors, unlike submitters, also work on the following things:

  • Extended bibliographic details
  • Links
  • Review process
  • Clarifying the copyright situation

Here you'll find a guide to editing in ZORA plus additional tips and tricks to make the work easier. If you have questions, you'll often find the answers in the FAQ on ZORA.

Earning Editor status requires an introduction and initial follow-up checks by the ZORA administrators. Contact us for an individual appointment. 

We run an Editors' Forum for all ZORA editors. It is designed as a platform for questions, discussion, and comment. The forum is also where ZORA editors get news on important new features in ZORA. For this reason it is advisable to activate the "follow the community" function.