Submitters can enter new publications by UZH members in ZORA.

For those interested, the ZORA editorial team offers regular introductory courses on open access and entering publications in ZORA:
Current course dates

Permission to Make Entries

All members of the University of Zurich and UniversityHospital Zurich are entitled to enter publications in ZORA.

Three steps to becoming a submitter:

  1. Log in with your UZH short name and WebPass password on At this point your profile doesn't yet allow you to make entries.
  2. Email the ZORA editorial team ( to request activation as a submitter.
  3. You'll be able to enter publications immediately once you receive a confirmation email.

Members of the University Hospitals

Members of the university hospitals (UniversityHospital, Balgrist University Hospital, Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich, University Children's Hospital Zurich, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric) do not automatically have the necessary login data, and must apply for them from their information officer:
List of Information Officers

ZORA will send all correspondence related to entries to your UZH email address. If you don't check email in this account directly, please set up your account to forward it to your regular address.