Buildup of the University Library Zürich (AUB)

Core Task

Organizational merger of the UZH libraries into one University Library Zürich. Main project with development of basic principles (organisational structure, personnel, governance, etc.). Project management prorectorate FIS, collaboration Main Library in steering group, core team and working groups.

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Duration 2019 - 2021
Contact Wilfried Lochbühler Ladina Tschander

Negotiation with Publishers

Core Task To support the National Open Access Strategy, swissuniversities and the Conference of Swiss University Libraries have mandated a negotiating team to negotiate a contractual model with OA components (Read & Publish) with the publishers Elsevier, Springer Nature and Wiley. HBZ is part of the negotiation delegation.
Duration 2019 - 2021
Contact Wilfried Lochbühler

Alma Primo Zentralbibliothek UZH joint project (ALPZUG)

Core Task Introduction of a new library management system Alma with Primo (both Ex Libris) at Zentralbibliothek Zürich and the UZH Libraries in cooperation with project management SLSP
Duration 2018 - 2021
Contact Wilfried Lochbühler Simon Allemann


Core Task Creation of a repository that can be used as a modular system for many research disciplines. SWISSUbase is derived from FORSbase, the Swiss catalogue for social science data and projects. HBZ cooperates with UNIL and is responsible for the clarification of requirements at UZH.
Duration 2018 - 2020
Contact Andrea Malits Wilfried Lochbühler

Swiss Library Service Platform (SLSP)

Core Task Development of a nationwide service platform with a centrally operated library system and consistent standards. Participation of the Main Library in advisory board and subprojects.
Duration 2015 - 2020
Contact Wilfried Lochbühler Simon Allemann

OpenAIRE Advance

Core Task Further development of the infrastructure of OpenAIRE (2009-2014). The main objective is to collect all peer-reviewed publications from EU-funded research, including the underlying research data, and make them freely accessible.
Duration 2015 - 2020
Contact André Hoffmann

National Infrastructure for Editions (NIE-INE)

Core Task Development of a national work and publication platform with the aim of securing and making available digital editions in the long term. The project is coordinated by the University of Basel.
Duration 2016 - 2019
Contact Andrea Malits Wilfried Lochbühler

Integration of institute libraries in the Main Library

Core Task Integration of UZH institute libraries in the Main Library with the aim of exploiting synergies and optimising and further developing library services.

Mathematics, Informatics, Medical History
In progress:
Anthropology, Epidemiology/Biostatistics/Prevention, Geography, Dental Medicine

Duration 2013 -
Contact Brigitte Schubnell Annika Rieder